MeYou Health offers a well-being program that helps people eat better, walk more, quit smoking, and make small but meaningful changes.

MeYou Health solves the complex problem of how to reduce costs and increase employees’ happiness, productivity, and well-being.

MeYou Health is a fully functional wellness platform that can service health plans of any size.

Step 1:
Enroll your population through a custom web address & branded landing page
Step 2:
Members enter through Well-Being Tracker and take a health risk assessment
Step 3:
Do, Learn,
Members are introduced to programs that improve health and well-being
Step 4:
Members choose awards through our incentive platform
Step 5:
& Insights
Receive real-time, quarterly, and annual reports on the health of your population

How is a MeYou Health program different?

Validated Engagement

Our retention targets demonstrate that participants want to use – and continue to use – our products. In other words, our engagement numbers are off the charts.

Ask us about them.

Validated Clinical Effect

We conduct randomized, controlled clinical trials and controlled studies of our behavior change interventions as they mature. We don’t just claim that our products work; we know they do.

Read our published research.

Open Social

The social networks in our products are the power of our interventions. The more people, the more powerful the interventions become. And whereas most wellness programs promise social, we’re the only company that delivers open social. This enables participants to share with anyone in their social network, regardless of each person’s health insurance coverage or payer.

MeYou Health delivers a well-being program that combines social support and small actions to help people:

  • Eat Better
  • Walk More
  • Quit Smoking
  • Do More

See how MeYou Health can bring the power of small actions and social support to your population.

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