Best Place to Work
MeYou Health - Boston, MA
Each morning, we arrive at MeYou Health knowing our day will be filled with collaboration, creativity, and enthusiasm. We’re dedicated to improving people’s well-being with our products, and having a great place to work lets us achieve great things.
Find out why
The Boston Globe top places to work 2014
We’re delighted to be the #1 small company to work for in Massachusetts! Let us show you a few reasons why MeYou Health is so special.
  • Welcome to MeYou Health! Our new office is in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood of Boston.
  • Building products that help our members improve their well-being makes Bolek and Wali smile – and so do cat GIFs.
  • Design, iterate, repeat. We’re all committed to the processes that guide us from idea to feature.
  • Stephanie, Mike, and Jeff enjoy coffee and this week’s delivery of fresh, organic fruit.
  • Our comfy lounge is a quiet place to work or just recharge for a bit.
  • Halloween is serious business. You don't want to make Randy Savage or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man mad.
  • Pull up a chair! We gather in our dining area for weekly staff lunches.
  • In our wide-open workspace, there’s always room to stretch our legs for a friendly chat.
  • Rails engineers Alex and Adam pair to tackle a new feature.