August 27, 2015

Could 200 Calories be the Key to a Healthier Weight?

When it comes to weight loss, researchers recently found that cutting calories is more important than cutting out fat or carbohydrates. While that might come as good news to those of us who aren’t ready to part with bacon or bread, what happens next? How many calories do you need to cut to make a difference?

Energy Gap for Weight Loss
An obese individual who loses 10% or 20% of their body fat needs to cut calories to maintain their weight loss. The energy gap represents the number of calories consumed each day that lead to weight gain over time. Source: Hill JO. Can a small-changes approach help address the obesity epidemic? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2009;89:477-484

The answer comes to us from researchers at the Center for Human Nutrition: 200. That’s the number of calories that someone needs to cut to reach a healthier weight. Since the 1970s, people around the world have slowly and steadily gained weight, leading to a global obesity epidemic. The authors of the study found that this ongoing weight gain is driven by only 50 calories each day. Addressing this 50-calorie “energy gap” can stop long-term weight gain in its tracks. And a person who consumes 200 calories less each day will see even bigger changes to their weight.

That’s where Hello 200 comes in. Once you start thinking about what you eat in 200-calorie increments, it’s easy to find things to cut or swap. You might skip the bag of chips at lunch and save 160 calories. Or, you could drink seltzer instead of a can of soda and save 182 calories. Hello 200 is full of other surprising strategies to help you find those 200 calories each day.

With the Hello 200 app, you can keep track of all the choices you make about what to eat and watch the healthy changes add up. It’s not about making a huge overhaul to your diet. It’s about small and sustainable changes. The app is free to use, with no subscription fees or special foods to buy.

Cutting 200 calories each day is an approach to weight management that’s easy, realistic, and fun. Where will you find your 200?


September 22, 2014

Team Picks: Daily Challenge Turns 4!

This week is all about celebrating Daily Challenge’s fourth birthday! DC has come a long way in its first four years. Together, members have completed more than 15 million challenges, sent more than 1.3 million encouragements, shared more than 60 million smiles, and formed 140,000 pacts! That’s a lot of small actions.