What is Daily Challenge?

Daily Challenge is a social well-being experience that allows you to improve your health in one small way each day. You complete simple challenges and share the experience with those closest to you – all while you earn points, reach new levels, and get support from the Daily Challenge community.

How does it work?

  • You find a few minutes during the day to complete your challenge. When you’re done, click the DONE button.
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Daily Challenge


Compared to those without social ties, Daily Challenge participants with social ties open more emails, visit the website more often, and report completing more of the actions they are prompted to perform.

Daily Challenge

Targeted content: Tracks

Daily Challenge members have the option of receiving challenges from all areas of well-being, or they can choose to join a targeted Track that offers themed content.

Daily Challenge

Leveraging social networks

Daily Challenge members are encouraged to connect with friends for support and share their successes with others. Research suggests that the more strong personal connections we have, the more likely we are to complete challenges and improve well-being.