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Daily Challenge® is our core web and mobile app product, designed to encourage large populations to improve their well-being by completing fun, simple challenges.

Daily Challenge introduces members to the small changes that lead to long-term habits and improve overall well-being. Each day, Daily Challenge members receive a simple action and easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete it. The challenges aren’t limited to actions that boost physical health – they also encourage members to develop their sense of community, bring well-being to work, improve their emotional health, bolster their financial well-being, and explore their life goals. Members can opt to follow the challenges they receive, or they can customize their challenges by choosing from one of nearly 50 specialized well-being tracks.

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Daily Challenge merges evidence-based behavior change mechanisms, social network science, and “gamification” theory to drive engagement across entire populations.

Through Daily Challenge, we are also pioneering an “open-social” model. This removes the requirement that only those who are eligible can participate. Instead, it offers a population approach that combines a basic free version with the integrated premium version for optimal social connections and networking. This enables your participants to invite and connect with family members, friends, and others who are not eligible for the premium integrated model. All Daily Challenge members, regardless of how they come into the product, can complete the challenges, share how they did them, and join a community that’s supportive and encouraging.

of U.S. adults are thriving. That means their well-being is strong and consistent and they have a positive view of the present and future.

Daily Challenge is a mature, proven intervention that exhibits sustained engagement of 90% within the first 30 days and 70% in subsequent months. More importantly, our published randomized control trial demonstrates that Daily Challenge improves well-being by 2.3 points at 90 days, sufficient to shift emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and overall health care costs. [Cobb NK, Poirier J. Effectiveness of a multimodal online well-being intervention Am J Prev Med 2014]

Daily Challenge:

  • is designed for both engagement and effect

  • has randomized control trial data to validate its impact on well-being

  • is being deployed at scale, with tens of thousands of active, engaged users and major clients, including a large health system, a Fortune 500 retailer, a state initiative, and a major insurer

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See how Daily Challenge and MeYou Health can bring the power of small actions and social support to your population.

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