Behavioral Health Interventions

MeYou Health offers a turnkey well-being solution that helps people transform their well-being through small, actionable steps.

Our highly engaging programs ignite well-being improvement at the individual level, in turn driving achievement of critical employer objectives: reduced costs, improved productivity, and greater employee satisfaction across your entire population.

By giving your employees and their eligible dependents access to MeYou Health’s programs, you’ll give them the motivation and ongoing boost they need to gain insights to their own well-being and start eliminating lifestyle risks. Our digital applications help people eat better, walk more, quit smoking, and do more each day to nurture their own well-being. Users can participate in our engaging digital applications online or on their mobile devices.

MeYou Health’s programs are effective because they keep users engaged.

We constantly track user retention and consistently find sustained usage. Additionally, we conduct randomized, controlled clinical trials and studies of our behavior-change interventions on an ongoing basis as they mature against the rapidly evolving backdrop of gaming technology.

The open social network model in our products is a powerful function of MeYou Health interventions. While most wellness programs offer limited social networking, only MeYou Health delivers open social interaction. This model enables participants to share with anyone in their social network, regardless of each person’s health insurance provider.

Well-Being Tracker™

Well-Being Tracker™ is the first step in exploring individual well-being.

By completing a health risk assessment, participants can learn their personal well-being score on physical, career, social, financial, and community levels. Users can then track their well-being over time, using behavior change programs offered by MeYou Health or its partners along the way. » learn more

Daily Challenge®

A highly engaging social well-being intervention, Daily Challenge® asks participants to complete one of thousands of small actions each day designed to improve all aspects of their well-being.

By completing small, realistic mental and physical challenges daily, users form long-term healthy habits and improved overall well-being. The challenges help users boost physical health, develop a sense of community, bring well-being to work, improve emotional health, bolster financial well-being, and explore life goals. » learn more

Hello 200™

Hello 200™ is a mobile-focused weight-management product that assembles a community of people cutting 200 calories per day, which is the number of calories the average person needs to eliminate daily to maintain a healthier weight.

Through a fun, colorful platform, users can find ways to cut 200 calories, share how they did it, and support each other in healthy lifestyle changes. » learn more


Walkadoo® is a wireless “pedometer-powered” daily activity program that gives individuals realistic, customized goals that adjust and evolve as the software learns more about what they do.

A wide variety of pedometers work with Walkadoo, making friendly competitions easy and fun. Even iPhone users without pedometers can track their steps within the app and challenge each other to step derbies. » learn more


The QuitNet® digital application connects users to global community of quitters supporting one another through the journey of tobacco cessation.

Social networking activity is supplemented with a personalized quit guide, tracking tools, and expert advice from online counselors. » learn more

See how Well-Being Tracker and MeYou Health can bring the power of small actions and social support to your population.

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