What is Walkadoo?

Walkadoo is a pedometer-based program that introduces people to a realistic and convenient way to add more movement to their day. It utilizes the latest game dynamics, mechanics, and aesthetics to power meaningful social interaction that extends and sustains engagement.

How does it work?

  • Wear your wireless pedometer throughout the day and accumulate as many steps as possible towards your goal.
  • Visit walkadoo.com to see how your friends are doing with their goals, and answer the day’s Walkie Talkie, a fun trivia question based on walking and other activities and creates fun conversations with other players.

Smart Goals

Walkadoo watches your movement over time and automatically adjusts goals to ensure that you’re encouraged to move just beyond your comfort zone for incremental improvement – but not so far that the goal becomes unrealistic.



For those who like workplace competitions, Walkadoo Derbies are a way to encourage employees to get in on the fun as they improve their well-being one step at a time.


Device agnostic

Walkadoo currently works with all types of FitBits and the Fitlinxx Pebble.