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Walkadoo® is a wireless, pedometer-powered daily activity web and mobile app program.

The program isn’t about walking 10,000 steps per day; rather, it gives members realistic goals that adjust and evolve as the software learns their activity habits. It also provides a supportive community where members can share and celebrate their goals, taking the traditional notion of graphing step data and transforming it into an engaging social experience where people learn to walk more each day.

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Walkadoo aligns our experience in video game technology, social science, and mobile applications with a growing market of exercise and fitness devices.

An agnostic system, Walkadoo can integrate with nearly any device that has an available API and tracks steps, such as the Fitlinxx Pebble, all types of Fitbit step trackers, Jawbone, Misfit, and the Moves app. It allows members to use their own pedometers and begin participating right away. Step goals are randomized daily; some goals are easier and others are more challenging, based on data-driven algorithms that analyze the member’s typical step count for each day. This results in higher engagement than typically comes from apps or programs with step goals that rarely (if ever) change.

of U.S. adults are so sedentary that they walk less than 5,000 steps per day, putting them at increased risk for heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

Walkadoo makes use of game mechanics such as appointment dynamics (each morning the member receives a daily email or SMS message with the step goal and reward), progression (users earn points and reach increasingly higher levels in the program), and achievements (collectible, virtual “stamps” for attaining goals, such as reaching the step goal every day for a week). Special goals that appear more rarely – such as opportunities to earn double points or an unlimited number of points – keep users engaged by providing an unexpected twist. A highly social experience in Walkadoo also increases engagement and retention: daily prompts called “Walkie Talkies” include fun facts about walking/physical activity and promote discussion. Members can also see when others reach new levels in the program, celebrate successes together, and continue to encourage each other.

First and foremost, Walkadoo is designed to be engaging. Only then can we instill and reinforce healthy behaviors, like walking more.
Jake Butler
Product Manager


  • is designed to impact walking behavior across an entire population, not just those who are already active and interested in changing behavior

  • is a program that uses tailored targets for improvement; it encourages members to make small, achievable increases in their step counts, rather than creating a goal of 10,000 steps a day for everyone

  • is available with an integrated, branded device package via our preferred vendor, or as a “bring your own device” program that allows participants to use their own device

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