Well-Being Tracker (WBT)

Track your well-being

Well-Being Tracker™ (WBT) is a highly engaging reimagining of the traditional health risk assessment.

WBT leverages a clinically validated, evidence-based instrument to help participants assess and ultimately improve their own well-being. WBT is based on the Well-Being Five™ (WB5) assessment, developed by Healthways and Gallup. The product of over a decade of continuous, published research, the WB5 assessment covers the five elements of well-being: Physical, Career, Social, Financial, and Community.

The assessment gathers a participant’s information and then generates his or her personal well-being score. Using a dynamic resampling protocol, WBT prompts participants to track their well-being score over time. In sponsored populations, participants can compare their scores to those of other users of the same age and gender. Participants can explore their score as they learn about their specific health risks and overall well-being. They are ultimately presented with a variety of behavior change and well-being programs offered by MeYou Health or its partners.

The WB5 is aligned with the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the nation’s most comprehensive survey of well-being, and allows for direct comparison.

Research conducted by Healthways’ Center for Health Research has illustrated that changes in well-being scores predict health care utilization and medical prescription expenditures, along with workplace productivity and population impact (Harrison, 2012, Pop Health Management). The WB5 serves as the core measurement for all MeYou Health products, and has been validated against individuals as well as large populations.

Unlike traditional health risk assessments, which a member completes just once a year, the WB5 as implemented within WBT allows participants to generate a score that fluctuates over time and provides them with ongoing feedback. The WB5 is more than an HRA; it is a tool that enables a participant to understand his or her own well-being and learn how successes and setbacks can change the score. A short, non-scoring form the of WB5 (the Well-Being Checkup) is implemented in non-sponsored populations.

Well-Being Tracker also connects participants with an array of MeYou Health, Healthways, and third-party services that can help them learn more about how to improve well-being and connect with others on their own behavioral health journeys.

Learning about well-being isn’t just about physical health. Social, emotional, purpose, and financial influences can affect you, too.
Liana Leahy
Product Manager

Well-Being Tracker:

  • uses the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5 assessment to report individual well-being information

  • allows for valid comparisons to nationally representative samples that are continuously updated

  • redefines the role of a health risk assessment, away from a data survey tool for companies to a genuinely valuable tool that participants can use to better understand themselves

  • offers integration with a portfolio of behavioral health programs

  • can integrate with other third-party programs as part of a sponsored wellness program offering

  • allows for re-sampling/follow-up with participants at fixed time points to evaluate for change in well-being over time

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